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Heating Device ( PTC Basis) for Depilatory Wax Warmer

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PTC heater  with LED and power plug which have the good characteristics such as temperature rising rapidly. safety and reliability, is the smart and the electricity saved heater.
   It is mainly applied for Hair Crimper and Straightener. Curling Iron, Face Sauna, Hot Glue Gun, Soldering Iron and depliatory wax warmer and yogurt maker other instruments.
    ·There are constant temperature, special function of controlling temperature antomatically.
    · It can be designed among 12V-220V.
    ·The design is convenient, the appearance can be designed.
    · Temperature rising rapidly, and have the characteristic of security usage, no burning, safety and reliability.
Application :
StraightenerMosquito Dispeller
Wax Warmer;   
PTC Heaters for Hot Glue Gun

Optional Assemblies Available

(The assemblies bellow could be fixed on PCB and controller by developed software according to your applications’ design.)
Temperature Sensor


Display ScreenLEDDigital Tube


Temperature RegulationPotentiometer


IndicatorNeon LampLED Lamp
Electric ConnectorSocket (Various Types)
Thermal ConductorAluminum PadAluminum Shell
Power Cord & Wire HarnessEurope VDE series
UK BS1363 series
Italy IMQ series
Swiss SEV series
Denmark series
Korea KSC series
Japan PSE JET series
Australia SAA series
Israel series
South Africa SABS series
Argentina IRAM series
Brazil series
Power Cord with Switch
Wire Harness
Special Advantage of our Service:
Centralized purchase of all necessary parts above and equipage them into complete application devices before delivery is greatly helpful for your works as bellow:
-          Completely avoid any quality problem from each separate part because of our inspection procedure (electric items’ testing after they were equipage but before delivery).
-          Reduce your packaging costs after the parts are assembled into complete application sets.
-          When the complete application devices were delivered to you, they can reach you by one step. It will avoid any delay because of different delivery time from different parts from different sources.
-          We can also help you to evaluate and choose the most competitive production bases on each part and organize the 3 works above so as to get the most competitive total cost of the application devices.



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Heating Device - PTC Basis- for Depilatory Wax Warmer